Things to do in New Zealand

Things to do in New Zealand – Highlights & hot-spots

As you would expect there are loads of things to do in New Zealand but if you haven’t been before you might want to know what to expect.

New Zealand is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world and we prepared a number of blog posts for you to read through covering the “must see” places.

Things to do in New Zealand – The North Island

Things to do in New Zealand – The South Island

There really is something for everyone to do in New Zealand

Check out the list below:

Visit the cities

There are loads of things to do in New Zealand if you visit the cities.

Cities around the world are usually very similar you will find food courts, culture,  jobs, hostels, day trips, work and much more.

Each city does however have its own feel, its own identity, something that distinguishes it from another and some kind of statement.

If you love city life head to the cities, Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch  are the most recognisable city names.


Auckland is the most populated city and the main hub of the North Island.

Here you will find the international airport and notice Auckland gives you access to most of the North Island.

Various tours, day trips, packages and combos originate in Auckland so it can be a great place to start your trip.

Book Auckland Tours & activities


Christchurch is the main city on the South Island, more commonly known these days as the epicentre of some hugely destructive earthquakes.

This is the South island hub with Christchurch linking New Zealand to the world via the international airport.

Modern Christchurch is under a bit of a rebuild so exiting times ahead for the residence and travellers alike.


Wellington is the capital city of New Zealand, located on the North Island and the main crossing point by sea between the North and South Island.

The capital city is also known as the culinary capital of New Zealand.

As a result Wellington is famous for its award winning restaurants, tucked-away bars, quirky cafes, its great coffee.

Worth a look right?

Visit the wine regions and valleys

Marlborough, at the top of the South Island, is New Zealand’s flagship wine region where the most wine is produced in New Zealand.

The selection of Sauvignon Blanc is enviable throughout the world having achieved international recognition.

Hawkes Bay on the other hand is the second largest wine producing region and located on the North Island.

Produced in a sunny sheltered bay the wines produced here are also internationally recognised.

The most notable blends from this region being Cabernet & Merlot blends along with Pinot Noir, Syrah & Chardonnay.

The extreme sport scene

New Zealand is widely know as the extreme sports capital of the world.

In this amazing country you can do pretty much every extreme sport you can think of.

Go Bungy jumping, head down a cave, get on the water and try white or dark water rafting.

Climb a mountain, visit an ice cave, soak in a mud bath or swim with dolphins.

Swing across a canyon, sky dive, Zorb, Luge, Mountain bike, Jet boat, 4×4 or go skiing.

You name it they will have it in New Zealand.

Strikingly different landscapes

You can find a palm tree next to an evergreen bush in New Zealand!

Visit Mountains that follow you as you travel around

Check out the amazing beaches and un-tamable waters.

Take a boat ride down the Fiordlands and sounds.

Head to the rain forest and discover the hobbits or check out the geothermic pools, Geysers, bubbling mud pools and vents.

Hike up an old volcano or take some pictures of the stunning waters in the lake lands.

Visit the oceans

The location is everything when it comes to the Oceans and sea life you will find in New Zealand.

There are huge varieties of bird, Whale, Dolphin, seals frequenting the coast with “Eat Cray Fish” the translation for Kaikoura just a drop in the ocean.

If you get to the coast you wont be disappointed.

You can go surfing in New Zealand as well, just so you know!

Check out the wild life

New Zealand has it own unique wildlife with the endangered and iconic Kiwi bird that is much loved and highly regarded by locals.

Don’t forget Sheep, there are more of them living there than people.

Add the varieties of bird including the Kia, Dolphin, Whales and the much despised Possum and you certainly have an interesting mix.


One of the best things to do in New Zealand is to socialise with the locals.

Generally the native people in New Zealand are welcoming, friendly and fun loving.

With the distinctive twang and thirst for extreme sports some of these people a a little crazy but aren’t we all.

Into anything out doors, BBQ’s, spot, fishing and fun and not shy at all.

Most will welcome a cheeky beer and are happy to walk about in their “Jandles” all year round if you let them.


The best of all the things to do in New Zealand is travel.

Get on a plane, train, bus, boat, Helicopter, or tram.

The more that you travel the more you will appreciate what New Zealand is all about

You can even ride a mechanical shark if you know where to go.

The list of things to do goes on and on and I am sure you will not have to look far to find what you need.

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