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Things to do in Wellington New Zealand

Wellington New Zealand is the capital city of New Zealand despite being a lot smaller than Auckland on the North Island.

In Wellington you will find the main harbour used to cross by sea from the North to the South Island and vice versa.

The capital city is also known as the culinary capital of New Zealand and famous for its award winning restaurants, tucked-away bars, quirky cafes and for great coffee.

Wellington is the windiest city in the world and holds it own with any traveller who enjoys the outdoors.

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Must do Wellington New Zealand

When in Wellington do as the wellintonians do!

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While you are here there a few things we feel cant be missed, see what you think!

Lord of the Rings

If you love Lord of the Rings then this really is the place for you.

We have loads of tours taking you to the hot spots for the Lord Of The Rings.

With Peter Jackson born just a half hour away you can see why he captured many of the local sites around Wellington New Zealand for his movies.

Weta Studios

You can head to the Weta studios and see where they made some of the amazing sculptures, costumes and props.

Try your hand and release some of that creativity in one of the tours with classes, could you be the next creative genius? Book now

Zealander Eco-sanctuary

If you want to check out some of the awesome and rare native wildlife this is a great place to visit.

Select the nighttime tour and you have a chance of seeing one of the majestic Kiwi birds out doing their thing.  They have 130 homed here at the sanctuary.

Don’t worry they have load of other stuff to see there too but you cant keep missing the opportunity to see the Kiwi bird as there aren’t too many options out there!  Book now

Adrenaline forest

This may or may not be your thing but it right up our street.

Head to the forest, ascend from the ground and up to 20m above the ground and play about in the trees.

A stomach churning challenges include the Indiana jump, crossed logs, barrels, wrecking balls, a commando flying fox and Tarzan jump. Book now.


Books some stuff up now to avoid disappointment.

Check out our Wellington Tours page for a great range or tours, packages and deals.

We also offer accommodation, just ask and as always get in touch for the best deals available.

What about some free stuff?

Head up Mount Victoria (a LOTR film location)

If you wan some stunning panoramic 360 degree views of the city then look no further than Mount Vic.

The main trail up from the bottom is around 30 mins as you summit around 196m.

Great for a view of the harbours and the city or perfect for a sunset.

Take a stroll at the waterfront

What better way than to blow a few cobwebs away than a wander along the seafront, breath fresh air, soak up the chilled vibe and watch the boats sail away.

Wander the city

Head to the city and wander about the streets to discover some LOTR sculptures, quirky cafe’s and tucked away bars.

Cuba street and Courtenay Place are among the cities hotspots.

Weta Caves

The Weta caves are a free mini museum and shop at the Weta workshops.

If you don’t fancy getting on a studio / workshop tour but still want to see what its about this could be the place for you.

Watch a short video about the work they do there and grab yourself some memorabilia.

Why you must visit Wellington New Zealand

Get out on a boat and go seal spotting, try your had at some snorkelling or get your board on and ride some waves.

The Zealander sanctuary offers you another opportunity to meet some native, endangered Kiwi birds

Add in massive Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit connection and you could be forgiven if you drifted off into the movie world.

If you want to head outdoors or become immersed in culture and heritage then Wellington is the place for you.

How do you get to Wellington New Zealand

From Auckland

If you arrive in New Zealand via the North Island head on down the West Coast.  Take in some of the sights on the way if you have time though.

Pass through the national parks and before you know it you will be in Wellington, the perfect place to transfer to the South Island.

Watch out for the crazy seas though your arse will twitch on some of these journeys.

From the South Island

If you arrive in the South Island (Christchurch) head North East past Kaikoura & stop to see the Dolphins.

Then head on to Pickton for the perfect place to cross to the North Island.

Watch out for the crazy seas though your arse will twitch on some of these journeys.

Bookings for all things Wellington

There are so many tours and combos available we cant list them all here.

As usual, get in touch for the best prices.

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