Who books with Backpack-nz?

This is a common but tough question “who books with backpack-nz?” lots of people do.

Hopefully you will be next!

We speak to loads of different people

  • Male or Female
  • Young or old (usually 18-45)
  • Solo travellers
  • Gap year students
  • Friends travelling together
  • Groups touring
  • Sports fans
  • Photographers
  • Parents (believe it or not lots of parents want to book tours for their young adults)
  • The serial planner
  • The person that likes to wing it and see what happens

We heard a 80+ year old did a Bunjy jump in Cairns Australia so there is still hope for us all!

Look at our popular tours, combos and packages and you will see that most of those people who books with backpack-nz are backpackers.

If you are not sure who to travel with yet, check out this article at experiencebackpacking for some fascinating insights.

The Backpacker

The “Backpacker” is often used as a generalisation describing people who spend a decent amount of time moving around travelling a country.

A Backpacker has a love for travel, wants to see the world, meet new people and experience everything a place has to offer.

Many of the backpackers we speak to vary in age and experience but are often between the ages of 18 – 45.

It doesn’t matter to us, we offer packages to suit a variety need budgets and needs.

The average age of a “backpacker” continues to increase as people learn how the benefits of travel link seamlessly to lifestyle and well-being.

The world is more accessible than ever which is a wonderful thing.

It means people of all backgrounds and locations can travel seeing and experiencing so much more.

Why do these people come here?

We have a really short answer for you

New Zealand is a perfect environment for the traveller, beautiful landscapes, wildlife, beaches, decent weather and friendly welcoming people.

Add to that the sheer volume of activities in the natural environment to get the pulse racing and you can see the attraction.

Thrill seekers and adventurers flock here for some crazy experiences and extreme sports as NZ is the extreme sports capital of the world.

Check out our blog for more answers.

Not a backpacker?

Maybe it is time for you to become a backpacker and where better to start than in New Zealand?

When it comes to who books with backpack-nz, anything goes

In all honesty we have something for everyone, catering to a wide range of budgets and types.

Some people plan everything, some people like to take things as they come, we can help you either way.

Don’t be put off by our style or branding, we will would love to hear from you, get an expert on the case and see if we can cater to your travel needs.