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Brilliant, everyone has a story to tell..

Welcome to backpack-nz, Let me introduce Darren Patey (The boss)

About us, Darren Patey, Backpack-nz, backpack new zealand

Backpack-nz was in February 2020 by “The boss”.

Darren travelled the world for a year in 2004 having the most amazing travel experience of his life.  This trip fuelled his love for travelling ever since.

The Boss Darren Patey, backpacking-Nz

Planning the original world trip was pretty daunting and proved to be a little more difficult than Darren expected. 

Trying to source information and cut through the sales pitches on the internet was pretty tough back then and is even worse today.

Eventually by speaking with lots of different people, visiting travel agents and looking in the lonely planet Darren drafted an outline itinerary.

A year later when he had returned Darren decided to create experiencebackpacking.com in 2005.

Experiencebackpacking logo - Backpack-nz

Dedicated to empowering travellers to plan and organise their own backpacking experiences, experiencebackpacking shares knowledge, advice and experiences with backpackers throughout the world.

Backpackers and bloggers alike are encouraged to share their personal experiences through experiencebackpacking. 

This about us is supposed to be about backpack-nz though right?

About us – Backpack-nz

We Spoke above about experiencebackpacking and hope you like what you read but what about us?

This is where it gets a little more interesting..

A few years back experiencebackpacking added a travelshop to their website offering. 

With so many products available throughout the world via their travel desk it is difficult to keep up to date and give people the very best offering. 

It is time for us to focus but were can we focus our efforts to give you the best experience? New Zealand of course.

Darren has a lot of love for New Zealand already having spent a lot of time there.

Much of the readership for experiencebackpacking is around New Zealand and we have more product enquiries from travellers in or planning to be in New Zealand

Why is that? it is because New Zealand is a fantastic place to visit. 

The people, the scenery, the extreme sports, the wildlife and the weather all add the vibe unique to this fantastic group of islands.

More about us

The boss, Darren ended up with a girlfriend from New Zealand while living in the Uk. 

Darren’s girlfriend, the Cousin of the creator of Kiwi Experience and Stray travel is Christchurch born and bread and they may all be quite keen on a glass or 2 of red wine.

Decision made,

We will focus on New Zealand, give our readers what they want to hear in our blogs and offer the best products at the right price.

Once we have done all that we will see how it goes from there.  That is “about us”

Why you will get the best deals with backpack-nz

He who must travel happily must travel lightAntoine de Saint-Exupery

Travel light and travel right with Backpack-nz! Let us do the hard work so you don’t have to.

Use our industry knowledge and expertise to find you the right deals at the cheapest price.  Guaranteed.

All tours and packages are booked through us with trusted industry suppliers giving you peace of mind and the benefits you would expect with booking directly.

If you want us to find you the best deals get in touch, we just need some basic info

  • Name(s)
  • Budget
  • Start Point
  • Start date
  • Anywhere you want to stop
  • Any activity you want to include
  • End Point
  • End date

Give us 24 hours and we will find the perfect itinerary for you.

We don’t just offer packages for New Zealand

That’s right, if you are heading somewhere else after New Zealand, give us a shout.  We will try and find you the perfect deal there too.

Our travel desk has so many product options we are certain we can get you a great deal.  We have links to all the top tour suppliers and a number of countries.

Just want to chat? 

That’s fine too, get in touch, we love to hear from travellers old and new to the circuit.  Drop us a line and we will get right back to you asap.


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Want to Share experience or blog post?

Want to share an experience, let us know or get on over to experiencebackpacking and get a guest post going.

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