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5 Must book tours – South Island New Zealand

Here are our top 5 must book tours in New Zealand – South Island.

You will have your own ideas already so comment below if you want to  recommend them to other travellers.

In no particular order..

1) Bungy Jump in Queenstown

Queenstown is the home of the original Bungy Jump site on the Kawarau bridge

Have you got what it takes to trow yourself off of a bridge, a ledge or out of a cable car?

Experience the ultimate adrenaline rush as you fly through the air hurtling towards the ground.

The sensation you feel when you jump can only be matched by the relief you feel as the Bungy tightens and you head back upwards.

When in the home of extreme sports and with 3 different Bungy jumps available you really should get on a Bungy and bounce around a bit.

If a Bungy jump doesn’t make the 5 must book tours – South Island New Zealand we don’t know what should!

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2) Heli-Hike Franz Josef Glacier

This is another awesome must book tour, here we take you to the Mountains over on the west coast to Franz Josef.

We can’t think of any thing better that stomping up or about the top of a famous glacier.

Take a helicopter ride up and soak up the stunning views of the scenery around you.

Then take a bit of a hike and visit the ice caves for some awesome pics.

You will be buzzing by the time you get back down and that’s just from the Chopper!

If you don’t go for it here where will you have the opportunity to do this?


If  a helicopter ride isn’t for you then go hiking, we have some glacier hiking on offer too.  Book now!

Franz Joseph New Zealand Heli hike


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3) Swim with Dolphins

Swimming with Dolphins has to be a Must book tour – south island New Zealand

There is nowhere better to go and do this than Kaikoura.

Kaikoura is truly amazing and the must visit place for Marine and Sea-life in New Zealand’s south Island.

Just offshore the continental shelf brings with it a huge variety of Dolphin Species to the area.

You have a great chance of locating a pod or two of Dolphins swimming in their favourite environment.

Kaikoura is therefore the best place to Swim with Dolphins or to simply get on a boat and watch them play.


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4) Visit Milford Sound

When it comes to the South Island there is nowhere more striking than Milford Sound.

Milford is a beautiful Fijord on the South West coast of New Zealand and the only Fijord accessible by road.

On a good day you are greeted by the most stunning crystal clear waters reflecting the surrounding mountains and rain forest.

Milford Sound is certainly a sight to see with your own eyes and a must book tours – south island New Zealand.

As you travel along the Fijord you will discover waterfalls, Dolphins and seals and a great variety of Birds joining your journey.

Milford Sound New Zealand - Beautiful mirrored waters


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5) Queenstown Gondola

Queenstown is widely regarded as the best place to visit in New Zealand and we head back here with another of our must book tours – south island New Zealand.

The Queenstown Gondola and Luge are really popular.

Hop on the Gondola and head up the mountain for the best panoramic views across Queenstown.

See the lakes and mountains, witness a Bungy jump or two and test your skills on the original Luge course in the New Zealand mountains.

There is plenty to see and do when you get up there so while away a few hours in a great location, you will not be disappointed.

Queenstown New Zealand


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Summary – 5 must book tours – south island New Zealand.

So there you have our top 5 must book tours – south island New Zealand.

With only 5 spots we have barely touched the sides but we can make sure you get a great deal at a great price on all of these tours.

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There is loads of stuff we could recommend.

If you have the time, we have the time for you!

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