Queenstown New Zealand

Things to do in Queenstown New Zealand

Type Queenstown New Zealand into the search engine and you will find that Adventure Awaits you.

Queenstown, on the South Island of New Zealand is one of the most popular destinations for people travelling to New Zealand.

It is a beautiful, vibrant mountain town with loads to do, extreme sports, lots of travellers and a great nightlife.

Travellers will tell you, you haven’t visited New Zealand if you haven’t visited Queenstown.

So when someone asks you what is there to do in New Zealand? you answer will probably be; well you could go to Queenstown….

When you arrive you will find a town full of energy and enthusiasm with a chilled fun vibe.

In the winter you have access to various ski fields like coronet peak and the Remarkables and in the summer have access to the Wakatipu lake for watersports activity.

With Queenstown the adventure capital of New Zealand you may be interested in what there is on offer.

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What is there to do in Queenstown New Zealand?

The list of things to do in Queenstown New Zealand just goes on and on, here are a few highlights.

  • Skline Gondola & Luge – Get on a Gondola and ride the mountain Luge
  • Go white water rafting yes they have that there too
  • Sky Diving – if you want to do it on the south island this is the place
  • Quad biking & 4×4
  • Caddyshack Crazy Golf – only the best crazy golf I ever played
  • Hydro Attack – an 80kph 18 foot shark ride! Looks mental ha ha
  • Ziplines
  • Rock climbing
  • Paragliding
  • Hiking
  • Wine tours

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Must do’s in Queenstown New Zealand?

The Shotover Jet

The Shotover Jet Boat could be a great option for you.  This is the original speedboat experience in Queenstown New Zealand.

The Boat runs in an inch of water and will have you inches away from rocks and you spin about the river

Shotover jet, go backpacking in new zealand

The Queenstown pub scene

There are 2 different Ice Bars, a little more expensive but worth the experience.

If you haven’t done this before and fancy a really cold one pop in to minus5 or Below Zero

Winnies, a pizza bar with a roof that opens just as it gets a bit too hot.

In the evening the Pizza place becomes a popular bar with a Dj and dancers to add to the mix.

The pub / Bar circuit is set up in such a way that the casual drinker can follow happy hour as it moves around town…did we say AWESOME!

Ice Bar queenstown new zealand

Observe the endangered Kiwi bird

There are not that many places where you are able to cast your eyes over a Kiwi bird.

These hugely fascinating birds are native to New Zealand and are endangered, nocturnal birds.

The Kiwi Birdlife Park is pretty cool and we think well worth a visit.

The team have created an environment that so that when you visit in the day it is night time for the Kiwi

It may feel expensive to get in but the money goes towards conservation, if you don’t go here to see the Kiwi you just won’t see them otherwise

kiwi-bird New Zealand

Bungee Jump Queenstown

What trip to Queenstown New Zealand would be complete without ticking a Bungy jump off the list.

There re 3 Bungy jumps in the Queenstown area alone.

The original bungy site is on the Kawarau Bridge, 42m above the awe-inspiring Kawarau river.  Get there and take a leap of faith.

Next we have The Ledge Bungy, located a short cable car ride up the mountain. At 47m high with a brilliant view of the Remarkables this one is memory maker.

Queenstown continues to hold its own in extreme sports however with the Nevis high wire and swing Bungy.  At 134m high this one is not for the feint hearted as you are suspended in a cable car over the canyon.

Nevis Bungy Queenstown New Zealand

Did I mention that it pretty dam awesome in Queenstown!!

You will find the surroundings something special as well. Many of the surrounding landscapes are featured in the Lord Of the Rings & the X-men origins – wolverine among other well know movies.

The lakes and rivers in some places are a beautiful turquoise blue full of minerals from the surrounding mountains.

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