Waitomo - New Zealand - Glowworm Caves

Things to do in Waitomo New Zealand

Waitomo is a popular destination on the North Island of New Zealand.

The main attraction to the area is the extensive underground cave networks that home thousands of native glow-worms.

Can you imagine how beautiful the caves are when lit up by thousands of Glowworms? it is a truly memorising site to behold.

The are a number of caves that you can visit including the vast Ruakuri Cave.  This cave features limestone waterfalls along with stalagmite and stalactite formations

West of Waitomo you will find an awe-inspiring natural limestone arch bridging over the Mangapohue river.

If you head North East of the village you can discover Otorohanga Kiwi House and here you will find several species of the rare native kiwi bird.

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Why you must visit Waitomo New Zealand

The area is widely known for it luminescent glowworm caves and extreme sports activity.

While you can see glow worms else ware in New Zealand none will be as spectacular and where else can you go dark water rafting?

Add to this the beautiful surrounding forests, waterfalls and bush walking and you have all the ingredients for a perfect stay.

Must do Waitomo New Zealand

The Glowworm caves

No trip to Waitomo would be complete without a visit to the glowworm caves and Waitomo is the best place you will be able to see them.

We have loads of tours in Waitomo and lots of combos available.

As usual, get in touch for the best prices.

Black water rafting

Now this really is one for the thrill seekers!

We have several Black water rafting tours available and they all have unique features to thrill or scare the s**t out of you, choose wisely my friend.

Popular activities combine walking, climbing, swimming and tubing through distinctive cave sections.

Other options include a flying fox, big water drops or abseiling, sign me up!

Check out the Black water rafting tours in Waitomo now.

As usual, get in touch for the best prices.

How do you get to Waitomo New Zealand

Waitomo is South of Auckland or west of Rotorua.

Many people travel down the west coast from Auckland on the way to Rotorua so Waitomo is quite a diversion particularly when people often head to Taupo after Rotorua.

If you are going to drive yourself it may be worth heading along the following route:

Auckland to Waitomo (2 Hour 45 Min trip)

Waitomo to Rotorua (2 hour trip)

Rotorua to Taupo (1 hour trip)

Taupo to Taranaki (4 hour trip)

Taranaki to Wellington (4 Hour trip)

Obviously you will need to allocate a chunk of time to enable you to experience all there is to offer on the way!

If you need to hire a car or camper get in touch and we will get you the best quote we can.

Day trips to Waitomo

If it is a day trip you are after we offer a variety of options from Aucklan, Rotorua and Taupo to name just a few.

Get in touch for the best prices.

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