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Things to do in Christchurch New Zealand

Most of you will have heard of Christchurch New Zealand but sadly for the wrong reasons!

Much of Christchurch is a shadow of its former self, a victim of some serious earthquakes that destroyed large parts of the city.

The quakes had a massive impact to everyday life and all but claimed the famous Canterbury Cathedral.

Luckily for you Christchurch still has plenty on offer to make it a popular destination for Kiwis and travellers alike.

Must do Christchurch New Zealand

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Check out some of the great highlights of Christchurch.

Punting on the Avon

The Avon river glides its way through Christchurch offering a unique experience when compared to the adrenaline fuelled activities found in New Zealand. Take a chill for a while.. nice! Book now.

Christchurch Gondola

The Gondola seems to be a popular thing in New Zealand and of course there is one in Christchurch for you to enjoy.

Get up there and absorb the amazing 360 degree views of the city and surrounding areas. Book now.

Adrenalin Forest

This may or may not be your thing but we love it.

Head to the forest, ascend from the ground and up to 20m above to play about in the trees.

A stomach churning challenge including the Indiana jump, crossed logs, barrels, wrecking balls, a commando flying fox and Tarzan jump. Book now.



The original tramways were phased out around 1954 and replaced by more flexible and reliable bus services.

In 1995 the city decided to reproduce some of the magic and reintroduced a heritage city tramway loop giving tourists a feel for the historical past.

Now with around 4km of tramways the Christchurch heritage trams take passengers on guided journeys to the city’s best landmarks and must-visit attractions.

If you get a day ticket you can hop on and off as you please and see if you can tick off the 17 stops while you enjoy the various sights along the tramway route.

Yeah we offer tickets and combos if you want one.. click Christchurch tours

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Rafting is another hugely popular past time in New Zealand.

Get you blood pumping and the adrenaline rushing as you and your team tackle all the thrills and spills the white water has to throw at you.

In our opinion white water rafting is a must do so why not head out on a day trip from Christchurch New Zealand. Book now.

Don’t miss out on Akaroa

Its all a bit French – Colonial here in Akaroa.

Akaroa is a quaint little harbour side town about 1.5h from Christchurch with a wonderful feel about it.

You will find French named streets, themed cottages and boutique stores. 

It would be a sad miss if you didn’t visit when you are so close.

On the way you will be rewarded by fantastic views of the bays and harbour formed around the crater of an old volcano.

There are some great drives, loads of walks, nature and wildlife.

While you are there why not swim with dolphins or visit the Penguins with a day trip to Akaroa.

How about some free stuff

Head to Sumner Beach

No trip to New Zealand is complete without a trip to the coast and this is one of the favourite local hot-spots.

Sumner beach is a stunner so we highly recommend a visit there.

When you go make sure you head to Cave Rock at low tide. (Thank us later)

Cardboard Cathedral

The Cardboard Cathedral was built as a temporary replacement for the Christchurch Cathedral.

Its doors opened in 2013 after the original Cathedral gave up its fight to survive after the 2011 earthquake.

The structure is made up of shipping container walls, 60-metre cardboard tubes, a poly-carbon roof and triangular stained glass windows.

New Regent Street

New Regent Street pedestrian mall was officially opened in 1932.

With its stunning, pastel-coloured Spanish Mission style buildings you cant help but sit up and take notice of the new feel and appeal this part of the city commands.

Christchurch’s urban landscapes are beautifully livened up by the boutique shops and cafés that can be found here.

Victoria Clock Tower

Victoria clock tower was made in and shipped from England in 1860 to be used as a feature in the council buildings.

Later it was used as a monument to mark Queen Victoria’s diamond jubilee.  Head on over to Victoria Street, its worth a look right?

Hagley Park / Botanical gardens

Hagley park has been “reserved forever as a public space” and for reference is slightly bigger than Hyde park.

Make sure you visit the largest open space in the city, have a wander about the beautiful botanic gardens, stop for a picnic or go for a run.

Usual park stuff really but in a great setting.

Port Hills

Get out and wander about the various mountain bike trails, public parks and reserves

Why you must visit Christchurch New Zealand

Christchurch is positivity in the face of adversity.

With heavy damage sustained by the 2 devastating earthquakes in 2010 & 2011 it is fascinating to see the creativity and energy that the Kiwis have injected into restoring this city.

It is not often you will find pop up container style stores and shops next to 1930’s Spanish mission style buildings and boutique business but here it is.

Old buildings mix with new in a wonderfully intriguingly blend.

Beautiful parks, walks, beaches and people add to the draw, this is why you must visit Christchurch (particularly if you fly in there anyways!

Walking & Hiking in Christchurch

There are loads of great walking and hiking spots around Christchurch.

Take a wander along the Godley Head trail.  Here you will discover historical military buildings, gun emplacements and some pretty decent views of the city and coastline.

Wander along the River Avon and discover the remembrance bridge, built in 1924 in memory of those who perished in WW1.

Head to Port Hills and wander through the public parks and reserves including our fave Sugarloaf.

The Sugarloaf trail isn’t too testing, is quite fun and delivers a great view.  Love our featured image? that’s where that came from!

How do you get to Christchurch New Zealand

Well a lot of people fly into Christchurch as this is one of the main international transport hubs.

Failing that we assume you are likely to be heading in from Wellington in the North Island via ferry.

When you arrive in Picton head down the South East coast, past Kaikoura and bingo you are there.  (Bingo by the way is 4 hours 30 mins).

Bookings For All Things Christchurch

There are so many tours, accommodation and combos available we cant list them all here.

As usual, get in touch for the best prices.

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