Auckland New Zealand

Things to do in Auckland New Zealand

Auckland and Christchurch are the main airport hubs in New Zealand

As a result Auckland is one of the most popular destinations to enter New Zealand.

Auckland is the largest most populated city in New Zealand and affectionately known as multi-cultural hub for food, art, wine, music and culture.

When you arrive the trees, plant life and vibe hit you with a feeling of energy buzzing in the air, what an exciting place to enter New Zealand.

What is there to do in Auckland New Zealand?

This is not the largest city you will ever go to but there is plenty to do there.

In the city itself and surrounding area there is a multitude of activities to get stuck into.

Including the following:

  • Day trips
  • Māori Village, Traditional Cultural displays
  • Jet boating
  • Whale and dolphin safaris
  • Haunted theme parks
  • Surfing
  • Kayaking
  • Fine foods
  • Various islands to visit
  • A zoo

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There are a few free activities you may also be interested in including,

  • Climb Mt Eden volcano (highest point in Auckland 360 degree city views
  • Snorkelling at goat island
  • Visiting a black sand beach on the west coast
  • Free Art Gallery tour
  • Coastal Walking trails
  • Lighthouses

The hub of the North Island

Auckland really is the hub of the North Island as there are so many travel options.

A wide range of tours and day trips are available from Auckland with combos and packages originating in Auckland.

You can chose to end the tour in your desired destination or take the round trip back to Auckland if you need to fly out here too.

We offer so many different package options for Auckland New Zealand.

Make sure you speak with a travel expert.

Must do Auckland New Zealand

The Sky Tower

Auckland is home to the Sky tower, a striking and predominant feature of city skyline.

The Sky Tower is certainly an impressive structure and at 328m high is home to skywalk and skyjump not for the feint hearted.


Auckland Harbour Bridge

The Auckland harbour bridge is another unmistakable and impressive structure.

Home to the AJ Hackett Bungee which will see you climb up under the bridge to  jump over the sea 40m below.


The Sea Life Aquerium.

Another site you may wish to visit when you are there is the Kelly Tarlton’s Sea Life Aquarium

This place is an  impressive aquarium built in a disused sewage works.

That may may sound a little quirky but you wont be disappointed so if you have time to visit you should.


The first sailors to settle in Auckland New Zealand were the Maori and in later years migrants from the Pacific Islands.

Auckland was a place desired by many who fought for its riches.  Riches at the time included its forests on the hills, productive volcanic soils and the harbours full of seafood.

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