Lake Taupo, Taupo New Zeland

Things to do in Taupo New Zealand

Taupo New Zealand is in the Heartland of the North Island and is home to the largest freshwater lake in Australasia.

The mountains surrounding Lake Taupo’s are famously known around the world as Mt Doom from the Lord of the rings trilogy.

This Geothermic region is not only known for its bizarre, wonderful and unique features but also for boating, fishing, sport and extreme sports.

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What is there to do in Taupo New Zealand

There are many activities on offer in Taupo and the surrounding area including

  • Sky diving – New Zealands largest skydive drop zone
  • Bungy jumping
  • Hot springs / thermal pools
  • White water rafting
  • Jet Boating
  • Trout Fishing
  • Art in the park – Don’t miss the weekly art and crafts market
  • Sailing / Scenic cruises
  • Kayaking

Oh and did we mention the views….

Popular Routes and options

Taupo is just an hour from Rotorua so linking these 2 destinations in a combo package is a really popular option for backpackers.

Some people will choose to day trip from Auckland or build a package from Auckland to Wellington picking up Taopu, Rotorua & Waitomo caves.  This way you can easily transfer to the South Island.

If you have time you can drive, book a collection of tours to grab a discount and then stop at these hot spots and the national parks.

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Skiing & Snowboarding in Taupo New Zealand

If you happen to arrive In Taupo in the winter (July – Sept), you are in luck.

Taupo gives you easy access to the ski fields ready to enjoy the snowy winter season and all it has to offer.

How about some free stuff in Taupo New Zealand?

As with most of the popular destinations there is plenty to experience for all budget with some free activities including the following:

  • Huka Falls – a highly visited and photographed attraction
  • Take a dip in Lake Taupo’s crystal clear waters
  • Brave the 70m suspension bridge over the Mangakino Stream
  • Hurka Honey hives – free honey, mead, liqueurs and fruit wine tasting
  • Visit the national parks and go for a cycle or wander
  • Art in the park – Dont miss the weekly art and crafts market
  • Waipahihi Botanical Garden – 30 volunteers spend 2 or 3 hours tending the garden


Quote from The Boss

Taupo has the largest skydive drop zone in New Zealand and home to my first tandem parachute jump!

What a fantastic experience skydiving is, it is right up there with the best things I have achieved so far…..

Yes achieved, it is really tough for someone who isn’t keen on heights. The build up in the plane is great, tension in the air and  banta between jumpers and the instructors.

You get to the jump height and the door is pulled open and one by one you shuffle forward and dangle your legs out of a perfectly good plane.

Floating down from 13,000ft you feel like you are laying on a cushion.

In Taupo New Zealand you overlook the most beautiful lake, surrounded by those famous mountains while hurtling to the ground.

I do need a cheeky reminder from the movie and pics every now and again though.

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A bit of history

Lake Taupo is the North Island’s heart if you refer to to Māori legend.

The lake itself was created by an ancient volcanic eruption resulting in the land around it full of natural thermal springs, bubbling mud pools and steam vents bursting through the Earth’s crust.

Take a tour by Kayak to a remote bay on the lake and you will witness some historically significant Maori rock carvings.

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