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New Zealand Immigration Visa’s & links

New Zealand immigration services offer visas to people meeting pre-determined criteria.

This section covers off some of the basics and shows you where you can go to find out what you need to know, how to get it and where to get it from.

Do I need a Visa for New Zealand Immigration?

The best place to check is the New Zealand immigration website.

This government website gives you a variety of click through menus to help you understand the variety of visas available to you.

The quickest route to check is via this link the chances are yes you will need a visa.

Select where you are from, the purpose of your trip, the intended duration and then compare options.

This is the best way to understand which visa is most suitable for your requirements.

We always recommend that you interrogate your visa options before arriving at New Zealand Immigration to avoid disappointment.

How long can I stay there?

This will depend on the declaration you complete when you enter New Zealand and also the type of visa you have.

There are many different type of VISA, covered off in the VISA’s section and the length of stay offered by the visa can vary from 3, 6 or 9 months.

The standard VISA upon arrival is a 3 month VISA which is extended to 6 months if you are a resident of Australia or the UK.

Can I work in New Zealand?

Under certain circumstances you can work in New Zealand.

There are a variety of working holiday VISA’s available.

Criteria can vary depending on your age, how long you want to stay, the age and nationality of the applicant.

There are also temporary work VISA’s along with work / live VISA’s available in New Zealand;

Can you study in New Zealand?

Well I am happy to tell you that you probably can.

There are special visas for students wishing to study in New Zealand and for parents, relatives or guardians of a student who is going to study in New Zealand.

The best place to look at the options available to you is here on the New Zealand Immigration website.

Student Visa

If you are looking to apply for a student VISA which would allow you to attend a school or college you will need to apply once you have been accepted into one of New Zealand’s academic institutions.

As you may expect the length of the VISA is dependent on the length of the course you wish to attend and also relative to how many years’ of up-front tuition fees you have paid.

In all cases, a visa is awarded for a maximum of four years.

Exchange Student Visa

Another study option VISA would be an exchange student VISA.

You will need to have been accepted into an approved student exchange scheme to apply for this visa.

Also you will need to prove that you have onward travel arrangements for when the exchange scheme has finished.

VISA’s for Accompanying Parents and Guardians

What if you want or need your parents to join you while you study?!?

Parents or Guardians that wish to accompany their child who is under 18 will need to apply for a Visa themselves.

A guardian visa could be the option but to be eligible the child must have been accepted into an academic institution and already hold a study visa for New Zealand.

Further information can be sourced through the New Zealand Government website they can advise you on how to apply for the correct visa to meet your individual needs.[/su_spoiler]

What if you want to extend your stay?

If you already have a visa and wish to change or extend the visa you already have visit this section of the New Zealand Immigration website.

There are options for you to explo


How do I apply for a VISA?

Once you have investigated and understand what Visa is suitable for you it is time to apply for the Visa.

There are a couple of realistic options for you

Don’t forget you will need a passport….

new zealand immigration - passport

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